We seek to be very competitive with other lawn and landscape services, but we are not the lowest or highest cost service providers. Our intention is to provide professional services that do not compromise on quality, yet are not overpriced. We are fully insured and licensed to do business in a responsible manner, and we pay local and state taxes that support our communities.

There are local competitors that are available to provide services that are a little bit cheaper, but there are questions you should ask yourself before considering them:
  • Are they insured? If someone is injured on your property, whose insurance will bear the cost? If your property is damaged, can they cover the cost of repairs?
  • What training and education do the personnel have that are working on your landscape? Are they supervised by experienced people that have degrees in Horticulture?
The main criteria for establishing a set price for a particular service is the time required to complete the work, followed by the cost of materials and equipment used. For example, pricing mowing by the square foot or acre works when there are open areas with no obstructions, but most properties involve trimming around numerous elements of landscaping and structures. Therefore, it is difficult to give an estimate without viewing the property and assessing the time and equipment required to complete the requested services. In the end, it is a subjective judgement based on experience. We do not base our pricing solely on satellite or aerial images of your property that measure your grass and mulch bed areas, which is a practice that is increasingly being used by other firms. We visit your property and inspect carefully.