One of our most useful pieces of equipment is the ASV RC-50 rubber-tracked loader that has many accessories such as a stump bucket, a tine-grapple bucket, forklift attachment, mulch bucket, digging bucket, harley rake style soil conditioner, and a rototiller. It is bigger and heavier than our previous ASV RC-30, but It can still cross turfgrass without doing any significant damage, exerting a force on the ground that is about the same pressure that a human foot makes in terms of pounds per square inch due to its wide track. We use this loader to perform a variety of tasks around home and business locations such as cleaning out unwanted shrubs and trees, tilling and grading soil, cleaning out stumps and rocks, moving and stacking soil, gravel, stone, mulch, and gathering up branches for disposal.

We primarily use several models of the Wright Stander mower which we find to be very efficient and highly maneuverable. We have mowers in 36", 48", 52", and 61" sizes, with engines that range from 17 hp to 31 hp. We also use smaller 21" trim mowers by Honda and Snapper. Most situations can be handled, and we can enter back yards with small gates. In the spring and fall we can gather excess grass and leaves with collector attachments on the wright standers.